K.V. (mesoburning) wrote in misericordia,

Lots of esoteric industrial in one big freaking box

Hey there. Though I realize this is not so much a discussion topic as it is a general heads up regarding some available CDs of industrial and goth music, I figure that given the nature of this community there are at least a few people who would be interested in this...

I'm currently unloading a huge single lot of 83 goth and industrial CDs by lesser-known bands, along with a few big names thrown in there. If you have just dabbled in the genre and want to know more, this set is an indispensible in moving beyond the standard fare you'll hear in clubs, or if you're hardcore and really know your stuff, you'll likely be pleased to see some quite hard to find albums in here. Whoever you are, if you're into industrial or goth music, you very likely don't have these records, and I swear you'll get a lot out of them.


The starting price is $50, which for 83 CDs, is of course ridiculously low.

Anyhow, I appreciate your patience in reading this, and hope that this might interest at least a few people. Thanks.
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